Resubbed to DAoC


Hi Peps, I resubbed to DAoC today read about my return on the forum!

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New Frontiers Revamp


So after what seems forever they have revamped New Frontiers....  however while it appears to address a lot of issues I guess most of us would have just prefered to have OF back... read the notes and let me know what you think...



New Frontiers Update is Coming!

http://www.darkageofcamelot.comFriday, December 6, 2013 8:46:22 PM


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Camelot Unchained weekly updates


Hi Peps,

I have decided to start following the updates on here for camelot unchained, I will post some details and links to the topics so you can read about them in more detail when you have time this article is from the 22nd of November which was the last update.



[KS Update] – Afternoon Update November 22nd 2013

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Welcome to the home page of
please visit the forum at


PrimEvil was setup as a Guild in MMo`s around 11 years ago now. much has changed since its dawn for example what we play (DAoC, ,EvE, WAR etc) and where we play it (USA, EU) if you want to find out more of our history then click here for more!

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